How To Convert Your Dog’s Age To Human Years.

Dog Years: How To Convert Your Dog’s Age To Human

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Dogs lives shorter than human live, even we wish if they could be with us
I think that lot of you heard before that one dog year is equal to seven human
years, it means that a dog which has one year old has lived the equivalent of
seven years.
This is not really how dogs years work, but it's more complex than this, as 
dogs age based on their size, breed, and stage of development.
Now I will tell you about what you should know about how to convert your 
dog's age into human years.
Why Convert Dog Years To Human Years?
Maybe you are asking why we convert our dog years to human years when we
already know how old our dog is. Converting to human years can help you 
more to find out what stage your dog is at in life, which help you make more 
sense, and like this, you can adjust how you care for your dog accordingly.
For example, senior dogs need a different food than what we give to puppies.
So converting your dog age will let you know more what kind of care your dog
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How To Convert Your Dog’s Age From Dog Years To

Human Years

Generally, smaller dogs tend to live longer than large dogs, so we can convert
dogs ages like this:
Real age 1 year like Human age 14 to 15 years
Real age 2 years like Human age 23 to 24 years
Real age 3 years like Human age 27 to 28 years
Real age 4 years like Human age 31 to 32 years
For other dogs who are 5 years old and more you can use this table to
accurately find out how old your dog is, so you can be sure that you’re giving
them the right care for their age.

So, how old is your dog now?

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